The probe centers on possible violations of the rules on fighting epidemics and infectious diseases, violations of the requirements to ensure workers' safety and health, and also failure to carry out one's official duties.

The probe comes in response to Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga's statement to the Prosecutor General's Office, citing the conclusions of checks carried out at this hospital.

Prosecutors say they launched the probe to fully analyze the whole provided information into possible legal violations in ensuring safe working conditions for the personnel at the hospital involved and preventing the spread of coronavirus among its personnel and patients.

Prosecutors will try to identify the reasons behind the spread of coronavirus at the hospital, and also persons responsible for the implementation of legal requirements.

The prosecution service underlined that the pre-trial investigation was not launched into the actions of a specific person, but aims at objectively establishing whether there's any basis to deem the circumstances mentioned in the minister's statement a criminal activity.

There are no suspects in this pre-trial investigation yet.

A large part of Klaipeda University Hospital was closed late last week due to infections control violations, and Veryga hinted that he was considering turning to law enforcement over the identified violations.

The health minister said on Monday personnel and patients at Klaipeda University Hospital faced a high risk of infection due to inappropriately organized infection control.