"I would like to bring some clarity for schoolchildren and their parents. Graduation exams will take place. They are planned for June 22 so that our children could enroll in higher schools," the prime ministers said in a Facebook post today.

Lithuania has been placed under quarantine since March 16 and all cultural, educational establishments are closed and massive events are banned. Children are being schooled remotely.

Skvernelis says the upcoming weekend will be "truly critical" as the country is fighting the spread of coronavirus, adding that people need "to focus and refrain from trips and contacts".

"I would also like to visit my mom this weekend. But I won't do that for the sake of her and my family's health. I am calling on everyone to do the same. Let's stay home as that is the best thing we can do today," the prime minister wrote.

On Wednesday, the Lithuanian government banned people from travelling to other cities for Easter celebration. The ban will be in force as of 8 p.m. on Friday to 8 p.m. on Monday.

The restrictions will not apply to people going to the funeral of a family member, in cases of a grave illness or accident, for work purposes when a person's working place is in another municipality, and also in cases when people need urgent medical assistance.

The ban will also not apply to residents if they travel to another municipality, other than the municipality they reside in, where their have real estate.

The restrictions will only apply to movement to cities and towns to other municipalities than people live in.

Municipalities will be asked to technically restrict access to cities and towns via non-essential entries.