Vilnius County police said on Friday the crime was uncovered during a pre-trial investigation into illegal possession of a very large quantity of drugs, which led officers to check information on document forgery.

An in-depth analysis helped to identify the person who was engaged in document forgery. Criminalists searched his house in Vilnius in January and found a document forgery laboratory where not only Lithuanian but also various documents from the majority of European countries were very professionally forged.

The person used to also buy genuine documents that were later used for forgeries, officers found.

Over 100 genuine and forged ID cards, car registration certificates, driving licenses, education completion diplomas, pensioner and student identify cards of Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Kosovo and Israel were found at the man's address and in vehicles he used.

Officers also seized computers, pressing machines, printers, memory devices and other equipment for document forgery.

Suspicions of document forgery and sale were later brought against the man who has been convicted for similar criminal activity several times. He is facing up to six years in prison.

Police criminalists say forged documents are in demands among illegal immigrants who use them to enter Lithuania and then further travel to other EU countries.