“The transport sector aims to reduce transport noise and pollution, so it is planned that an additional 30 million euros in EU funding could go toward purchasing electric vehicles," the Transport Ministry told BNS.

If the Cabinet gives the go-ahead, the additional funds will be made available by reallocating funding provided by the European Regional Development Fund to the Energy Ministry for energy efficiency improvement purposes.

Some 22.9 million euros were spent to acquire environment-friendly city buses in 2018 and 2019.

Last year, five small electric buses were purchased by Vilnius and three by the western town of Taurage. All of them were foreign made.

Klaipeda, meanwhile, bought the first Lithuanian-made electric buses. The Dancer city buses were produced by Vejo Projektai, a company owned by Lithuanian and German investors.

The spa resort of Druskininkai is planning to purchase at least six electric buses this year, too.

Busnex, a company of the aircraft leasing and sales group AviaAM Leasing, expects to sell electric buses to Lithuania.

Busnex, Yutong's official representative in the Baltic countries and Poland, has already purchased three elexdtric buses from the Chinese manufacturer.