"Lithuania imports practically no fresh poultry meat or poultry products from Ukraine directly through its border veterinary posts," Daiva Visockiene of the Border Food and Veterinary Control Department at the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service told BNS.

"Imports from Ukraine to Lithuania take place via other countries' border inspection posts, but quantities are small," she said.

Lithuania imported 27 batches from Ukraine in 2018 and 24 in 2019. These imports totaled around 400-500 tons per year, Visockiene said.

Ukraine last week reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic bird flu in the southwestern region of Vinnitsa.

The H5N8 virus has been spreading in Poland in recent weeks, and outbreaks have also been registered on poultry farms in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. Wild birds infected with the disease have been found in Poland and Germany.