"The most wonderful moment is finally here when we stream back like rivulets from every corner of Lithuania and the world to join the best thing we have ever had –– our family.

As we embrace each other, we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus in our hearts. We share the Christmas wafer. All of us – big and small, strong and weak – stand together with an ever-growing sense of what is eternal and infinite.

Let us carry this feeling throughout 2020. Let us look at strangers and see them as kin, let us smile at those who are sad, let us extend a helping hand to those who are down, and let us offer hope to those who have lost it", - the President and his wife D. Nausėdienė wish.

Also, the Thirst couple wishes to have a peaceful and serene Christmas Eve.

"May Christmas morning bring lots of joy and magic to the little ones.
Merry and joyous Christmas to all", - they add.