"If the government backs Liubajevas and he is appointed the border guard chief, with no doubt, one of the key tasks will be to properly ensure the protection of the state border. It's an important issue for both Lithuania and the whole of the European Union. I believe Liubajevas will have all possibilities to use his extensive experience," Interior Minister Rita Tamasuniene told BNS.

Liubajevas would replace Renatas Pozela who as appointed police commissioner general in November.

Liubajevas started his service in the interior system in 1992 and the rank of a colonel.

He also worked for the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX) in Warsaw for ten years.

"I will definitely use my SBGS and FRONTEX experience and knowledge to ensure that the EU's external border Lithuania controls is as safe as possible. With no doubt, it’s important to motivate border guards and provide the latest technical means for border protection, and develop the SBGS as a modern organization," Liubajevas said.

The SBGS chief is appointed for a term of five years.