"The prime minister could easily resolve this issue by turning to the Chief official Ethics Commission and asking it to consider all circumstances, and then on the basis of the evaluation of these circumstances, we would see how everything is," the president told journalists in London.

The COEC has already asked the government and other institutions for information on their decisions regarding the paving of the street Skvernelis lives on.

Upon receipt of this information, the ethics watchdog will decide on whether to launch an investigation into possible official ethics violations.

Several weeks ago, the government endorsed the Transport Ministry's proposal to allocate additional funding for asphalting roads in Vilnius District, and almost all of the additionally-allocated 300,000 euros for went towards paving the street where Skvernelis lives.

The prime minister says he was not involved in issues related to the road paving. He claimed he was not aware the funds allocated by the government resolution for street paving would be spend on paving the street close to where he lives.