Lithuanian travel development agency "Lithuania Travel" created a short video to tell the real story why in the country Halloween is not a big deal.

Wondering why Lithuanians don't celebrate Halloween? The answer is easy.

Because Lithuanians are in touch with the spirit world all year round. For example, on the shortest day of the year in June Lithuanians go to the forest in search of the magic fern flower that is believed to be protected by witches.

Also, for years many Lithuanians believed that during everyday life they were surrounded by mystical creatures such as devils and fairies. Therefore, in Lithuania, there are many geographical places named after them, such as Devil's pit or the Hill of Witches.

Due to long traditions Lithuanians also invite spirits to join different celebrations, for example, Christmas Eve. After a nice dinner with a family, people leave some food on the table for spirits to enjoy celebration during the night.