On Sep 10, the Court of Appeal rejected a request by Telekonta, a company that lost the tender, to stop the tender and also refused to apply interim measures that would have blocked the SBGS to continue the tender.

Lithuanian IT company Atea and Germany's Senstar won the tender, offering 2.463 million euros, including VAT. The new system should be installed by the end of March.

The SBGS told the court the tender has major significance for the public and the state, and it was called to ensure proper protection of the European Union's external border. The project must be implemented by the end of March, 2020 and its funding contract cannot be amended.

In April, the SBGS called a tender for the upgrade and expansion of the CCTV systems at Kena border crossing point. Under the plan, the CCTV systems would be updated at Kena border crossing point in Vilnius District, near the Belarusian border where the state border stretches 8.7 kilometers.