They show over 4,700 people, including Lithuanian citizens, immigrated to Lithuanian last month. And almost 4,200 people, including almost 3,700 Lithuanian citizens, left the country.

Up until now this year, none of the months saw the number of emigrant Lithuanian citizens exceed the 4,000 mark.

Experts say rising residential income and the United Kingdom's planned withdrawal from the European Union is behind the rise in the number of incoming people.

Romas Lazutka, a professor of economics from Vilnius University, says the existing wages in Lithuania are attracting citizens of third countries, including Ukraine. In his words, rising income is also luring back Lithuanian citizens, especially the one who have nowhere to go during Brexit.

"The United Kingdom's withdrawal might undermine economic ties. If the economy weakens and unemployment rises, that is probably the biggest concern for Lithuanians," the economist told BNS Lithuania.

Statisticians have been recording positive migration tendencies since the start of this year, excluding January. All in all, over 33,000 people immigrated to Lithuania this year, and almost 26,500 left.