An e-commerce platform uniting the buyers and sellers through e-shops, and will give the sellers the opportunity to grow, while the buyers will have a wider choice of quality goods at even more competitive prices.

“By making this step, we are not only entering a new phase of business development, we are also empowering local businesses to grow. We want to open e-commerce for small and medium-sized businesses, which until recently was mainly the field of big players. Our experience acquired in over a decade and our well-developed infrastructure can take the small and medium business of the three Baltic States to the next level. We believe that small business is the backbone of the country’s economy and we see great prospects of growing together,” says Dainius Liulys, the CEO of Pigu UAB.

According to him, the opening of a trading platform will make the path to success shorter for other sellers. The fact that they will not have to create their own e-shops, to invest and work on attracting the customer flows, but will get an instant access to the largest customer flow in the Baltics and it will enable small and medium businesses to pursue more ambitious goals.

Not only does Pigu now offer the opportunity to trade through their three trusted e-shops, it also offers marketing support, a payment and merchandise delivery infrastructure.

“It’s a natural evolution. As leaders in our field, we shape the market. We constantly innovate and bring innovation to best meet our customers' expectations. Marketplace-based trade is not a new solution on a global scale, it is a well established operating practice that works very well abroad. And we are sure that this solution is very much needed by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian business and customers and is very promising,” says D. Liulys.

According to D. Liulys, it is still difficult to tell how many sellers will join. However, the interest is expected to be high - a number of companies, including some well-known representatives of both traditional trading and e-commerce, have already applied for the opportunity to sell through e-shops.

“We will pay close attention to partner selection - first and foremost we are committed to providing our customers with quality service. It is important for us to have as many sellers as possible joining the platform, and we will be very responsive to every application, both big and famous players and small entrepreneurs. On the other hand, we also want the them to sell their products through our platform successfully, therefore the first sellers to start trading will be those who manage to complete the registration process smoothly", says D. Liulys.