Under the plan, one taxiing runway will be elongated and widened in 2020-2022 for 9.3 million euros, including 4.6 million euros of EU support. And a new runway will be installed by 2021 for 1.9 million euros, including 0.9 million euros of EU support. The total value of investment will stand at 11.2 million euros, including 5.5 million euros of EU support.

Vilnius Airport now has one take-off-landing runway and five taxiing runways. The former was reconstructed in the summer of 2017 for 19 million euros.

Moreover, the airport plans to renovate its northern plane platform at a cost of 17.3 million euros, with work set to start in the second half of next year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Vilnius Airport will also build a new VIP terminal and a convention center for 3.6 million euros, with Eika Statyba already picked as the main contractor.