The increase was determined by the transfer of part of the social security contribution rate to the residential income tax, the ministry said.

The state budget's revenue stood at 5.106 billion euros, which was 1.8 percent, or 88.5 million euros, more than planned and making 58.9 percent of the annual plan.

The state budget's tax revenue stood at 4.664 billion euros, or 1.1 percent, more than it was planned.

VAT revenue stood at 2.228 billion euros, which was 1.9 percent less than estimated.

855.8 million euros were collected for all excise goods, 1.2 percent more than planned.

Corporate tax revenue collections were 3.3 percent higher than planned, standing at 459 million euros.

The state and municipal budget's residential income tax revenue amounted to 1.875 billion euros, 5 percent more than planned.

The 2019 revenue, excluding EU funds, is expected to stand at 8.668 billion euros, and 10.59 billion euros, including EU funds.