“Nothing is as alluring as a piece of chocolate you can’t have,“ said writer Nina Sandmann once. Fortunately, in Kaunas, there are many cozy cafes and shops where you can satisfy your cravings. Made from cacao seeds, chocolate comes in many different shapes, colors, and flavors. From sweet milk chocolate to bitter dark chocolate, from flavourful white chocolate to soft chocolate cakes – anyone who has a sweet tooth can find joy in this delicious dessert.

First traces of chocolate use can be found as far back as Olmecs civilization in Mexico region around 1900 BC where locals made bitter chocolate drinks. Cacao beans reached Europe only much later in the 16th century. Belgium is often titled the capital of chocolate; however, France was the first country to celebrate the World Chocolate Day on July 7 in 1995. After a few years, this French tradition became famous all over the world, making the celebration international. Here in Kaunas, we also love celebrating this sweet delicacy, and if you want to try out Lithuanian chocolate, there are a few beautiful spots to do so.


Opened in 1998 in the Old Town of Kaunas (M. Daukšos g. 48) this small cozy cafe offers a wide range of chocolate sweets and figures. “Šokoladinė" is a unique place since the cafe and the factory are in the same building. For most curious visitors this cafe offers a special tour-degustation during which you can learn more about the history of chocolate, see how intricate figures are handcrafted and make your own collection of sweets.

For visitors who are hoping to enjoy their sweet delicacy on the spot, “Šokoladinė” offers their specialty – delightful hot chocolate flavored with your favorite toppings: hazelnuts, ginger, chili, rum, marshmallows or whipped cream. And if you just can’t get enough of this godly sweet, chocolate fondue with fresh fruits might be a perfect option for you. “Šokoladinė“ is an ideal spot for everyone who wants to enjoy nice chocolate in a cozy atmosphere. Don’t worry if you overeat – there’s a chocolate hostel run by the same company at this very location.

CH Chocolaterie

Lovely retro style décor and warm welcome by the staff of “CH Chocolaterie” will make you feel right at home. This tiny restaurant is located in the heart of Kaunas (Rotušės a. 26). Two cozy rooms and a great menu is a perfect combo for a nice family outing or a romantic dinner night.

“CH Chocolaterie” offers a variety of chocolate sweets, pastries, and fondues. This restaurant takes pride in using only ingredients of the highest quality. If you’re feeling hungry, the good news is that “CH Chocolaterie” offers full breakfast and lunch meals as well as a range of hot drinks and craft beers. It’s a lovely place for anyone who’s looking for a tasty meal and a sweet chocolaty dessert.

Ali šokoladinė

Started as a one man’s passion project 4 years ago “Ali šokoladinė“ has grown into a successful business with 4 shops in Lithuania. “Ali šokoladinė“ has a goal to become the most modern confectionery business in the Baltic countries and introduce their customers to the wonders of chocolate.

Professional team of “Ali šokoladinė“ puts as much attention to the freshness of its production as to its presentation. The delicacies here are made using Belgian chocolate, Italian pistachios, Tonka coffee beans, Yuzu lemon, and local herbs as well as berries. The shop takes care of one's soul, too, as it often hosts art exhibitions.


Established in Šiauliai in 1913, the Rūta chocolate and candy factory is a well-known brand among sweet tooths. The factory has numerous flagship stores around the country; Kaunas is lucky to be home of a handful of them. Find Rūta in various locations around the city.