Data from the State Tax Inspectorate show Karbauskis declared he owned assets worth 16 million euros last year, up from 15.3 million euros in 2017.

The value of land Karbauskis owns rose in value by 729,000 euros. Land makes the lion's share of Karbauskis' assets, worth 4.4 million euros, and shares he has are valued at 9.7 million euros.

Glaveckas declared assets worth 1.6 million euros, coming in second in terms of assets. His assets were valued at 1.5 million euros a year earlier.

Landsbergis had assets worth 1.4 million euros last year and their value doubled from 760,000 euros in 2017. The value of securities in his possession rose 659,000 euros last year, making the largest share of his assets, worth 1.1 million euros in total.

Starkevicius declared assets worth 1 million euros, from 774,000 euros in 2017.