If appointed by the president, the diplomat will take office on May 13, becoming Lithuania's first official ambassador to the OECD.

Viltrakiene currently heads the Foreign Ministry's External Economic Relations and Economic Security Policy Department.

"The main task will be to use the organization for Lithuania's key reforms," she said at the Cabinet's meeting.

Viltrakiene said Lithuania will also try to contribute to the creation of international rules and standards within the OECD.

The diplomat has in the past worked in Lithuania's missions to the EU and the UN.

Lithuanian ambassadors are appointed by the president on the government's recommendation and with approval from the parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee.

Lithuania joined the OECD last July.

Two diplomats currently work at the country's mission to the organization, but another four special attachés, for economics, finance, education and science, social security and employment, are likely to be appointed in the summer.