"The conservatives have support from 20.8 percent of all respondents and 31 percent, or almost one-third, from those who would vote," Vilmorus CEO Vladas Gaidys told BNS, commenting on the results of the poll.

The LFGU dropped to second position with 15.8 percent support from all respondents and 23.4 percent from those who said they would turn out for an election, he said.

The LFGU topped a similar poll in March with 18.6 percent, followed with the HU-LCD with 16.3 percent.

That marked a reversal of the parties' positions in February's poll, which showed the HU-LCD slightly ahead of the LFGU.

In the April ranking, the Lithuanian Social Democratic Labor Party (LSDLP) came in third with 7.3 percent support (down from 8.5 percent in March), followed by the Order and Justice Party with 6 percent (up from 4.8 percent) and the Labor Party with 5.8 percent (up from 5.3 percent).

Other parties would not cross the five-percent election threshold to get to the Seimas.

The representative survey, which was conducted by Vilmorus for Lietuvos Rytas between April 4 and 13, has an error margin of 3.1 percent.