How to save when shopping online?

With the growing popularity of online sales, customers of such stores are often looking for a variety of ways to save and still get a quality product. According to experts, this is quite easy – you just have to invest a little of your time and effort, a DPD press release states.

"E-shoppers should bear in mind that when shopping online, the buyer often covers the shipping costs, so knowing which delivery method you should choose will help you to save your money. For example, the most convenient option for city residents are parcel terminals, where the delivery of goods is cheaper compared to courier services, and a wide network of terminals makes it possible to get your things closest to your home or work", says Gabrielius Bilevičius, Director of Sales and Marketing of DPD Lietuva for the Baltic States.

Arūnas Vizickas, founder of pricing comparison platform, says that there is a possibility to save money for online shopping, you just need to dedicate some time.

"I would suggest the e-shop customers to show interest in the current situation. There is no single cheapest online store because the lowest price leaders are constantly changing, and in recent years, price comparison platforms that are gaining in popularity in Lithuania, help to easily find the most affordable price", says A.Vizickas.

Most importantly, you should not rush. Enthusiasts of the latest technologies and, in particular, mobile phones, seeking to save, should have some patience. "We constantly see new, improved models arriving on the telephone market, so in this situation it is important to understand your needs. If your phone still performs the necessary functions, you should not rush and buy a new model as soon as it is released. The most rational choice in this case is to wait for at least a few months for the drop in the price of the new device thus saving dozens of euros", says the founder of

Another way to save money on online shopping is to take a look at the offers of different e-shops. "When you buy different goods, such as household appliances and electronics, you should not attempt to get everything from the same place, because when you buy more expensive goods, online stores may even be willing to negotiate", reveals Arūnas Vizickas.

Buy more at a time – you can always return. According to Gabrielius Bilevičius, buying more items at a time will also help you to save saving. "For example, when buying clothes or food where, we often order the wrong size leading to additional shipping costs. So it's always better to order more clothes or pairs of shoes of different sizes, measure them at home and return unfitting goods in one parcel. The return process in many e-shops is very simple. You can leave the unfitting item at the parcel terminal, and some stores, such as H&M or Zara, send goods ready with return stickers, so you do not even have to worry about writing the address", says DPD Lietuva Sales and Marketing Manager for the Baltic States.

For those who like shopping not only deeply but also comfortable, G. Bilevičius advises to choose the services of parcel terminals: "Parcel terminals are currently not only some of the cheapest but also the most convenient alternatives. You can pick up the item not only at any time of the day, but also where it is most convenient for you – it is ensured by the wide and steadily growing network of shipments of terminals", says Gabrielius Bilevičius.

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