Linas Savickas, the head of asset management department and commercial real estate expert: "When building this new business park near unique city's area – next to forthcoming Japanese garden – we wanted to create a space, which would be attractive not only for the people who
work here, but it would become the new attraction centre for every citizen. In a spacious, 500 square meters, modern terrace citizens will be able to enjoy the view, spend their time in a pleasant
environment, while drinking tea or coffee or meet their friends or business partners in a city's center."

This is the second terrace in a "Park Town" business park. In a top floor of the first building installed open space were evaluated and appreciated by the employees. That encouraged to create a similar recreation space for everyone.

According to L. Savickas, the first terrace is often used for business meetings in an informal space or even for company parties – every company working in a building can reserve time by using the specific program.

The view from both terraces opens up to the territory, where the Japanese garden will be located. The garden, which was created by a world-class landscape architect will become a unique space in Vilnius, where people will get to know the Japanese culture and will be able to organize conferences and meetings.

It helps to shape the image

According to the real estate expert, terraces became so important for business buildings that developers of real estate compete by offering more interesting, original and delicately equipped projects. This tendency can be seen in many world's cities, from rapidly growing Chinese industrial centers or densely populated Singapore to megapolis of western Europe such as London or Madrid.

L. Savickas notes: "In strong centers of finance, where business parks are built, originally installed terraces become representative faces of the buildings. They attract not only the employees of the building but also the citizens or tourists. That's why real estate developers offer original and interesting design solutions, which often become additional material for firms, which are located in the building, image shaping. The expert notices that these businesses parks recreate urban areas, improve them while creating a new context.

Employee benefits

In rushing cities where employees spend most of the time in their offices, requirements for businesses arise. It is important to think about every detail – motivating spaces for creativity, technological decisions which help to save the environment, nature-like and original terraces.

Businesses when trying to entice highly skilled professionals to choose those business buildings, which can offer original solutions for the welfare of employees.

L. Savickas reminds Danish scientists' research, which identified that more than 47 per cent of business employees suffer from the scarcity of daylight. Besides, When climate softens and warm season lengthen, the leisure time outside is more appreciated. A few more reasons why terraces become the inherent part of contemporary business buildings.

It is determined by different needs, which are important to consider. Starting from that sunlight from the window is not enough for people, because in winter daylight time is when people spend their time in offices. That's why terrace become a great choice to go for a walk outside.

Expert notices: "The other aspect is that softening climate let longer enjoy warm days and terrace become real attraction centre for the employees. People gather here to relax from their work, to drink coffee or have a lunch with their colleagues."

The construction of Park Town second building is expected to be finished next summer.